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Cross Thread Solutions provides IT enabled services in the global market, with prime emphasis on supporting its SAP clients in the SAP ERP, Business Intelligence, Planning and Basis.

CTS has also established a huge presence in the Banking sector and provides resources in various platforms such as .NET, SQL, Adobe Life Cycle, Websphere, QA, Business Analysts etc..

We are continuously expanding our expertise and capabilities to be a leading end-to-end provider of IT management and IT-enabled services in the area of SAP and its related tool sets. We aim to expand on our expertise built over many years of implementing and leading projects in varied industries segments. We strive to bring simple and user friendly solutions to complex issues.

We understand that all clients are different and have different needs and solutions. Hence we first try to understand the business processes and needs and build a solution, which enhances current capabilities without sacrificing quality and power of the toolset.

Our range of services in the area of SAP ERP and Business Intelligence includes:

  1. Consulting Services
  2. System Integration
  3. System Outsourcing
  4. Resource Solutions
  5. Support Services
  6. Training
  CTS also established a Translation & Interpretation Division in 2009.

The original purpose was to help refugees from Bhutan and Nepal to find decent local paying jobs as well as the need of many agencies to meet the needs of these refugees.

From a modest begining, starting with the just meeting the needs of 3 languages, we have now grown quite significantly.

We now serve the needs of various agencies in over 50 languages and growing.

Agencies we serve:

- Hospitals
- Schools
- Translation Agencies
- Law Firms
- Courts



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