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As a Total Solutions Provider, Cross Thread Solutions offers to our clients a wide range of translation and interpretation services and products designed to address their needs. We have supported many law firms, hospitals,schools and other organizations with their Language Skill needs.

We offer document translation for various Judicial, Medical and Immigration needs.

We provide interpreting services in over 65 languages. A few of them are listed below. We are the primary providers for most African, South East Asian and Eastern European langauges.

We also support many schools in their language service needs during the Graduation Tests.

Cross Thread Solutions is the only Translation and Interpretion company in North East Ohio, that imparts training and certification courses to its interpreters and translators at either no cost or at subsidised rates. We believe that the quality of our interpreters and translators are ourbillboards and advertisement to our clients. The more empowered and enriched they are, better is the service they provide in the areas of translation and interpretation.

Reach out to us for all your Translating and Interpreting needs.


Below is a list of Languages we serve today. However, we have access to translators and interpreters for languages not listed here through our partners. We partner with major Translation and Interpretation agencies in the North East Ohio region.

1. Albanian 2. Amheric 3. Arabic
4. Bahasa 5. Bengali 6. Bhutanese
7. Cambodian 8. Cantonese 9. Croatian
10. Dinka 11. Ethiopian 12. Farsi
13. French 14. Fulani 15. Greek
16. Gujarati 17. Hindi 18. Indonesian
19. Japanese 20. Kannada 21. Karen
22. Kirundi 23. Kiswahili 24. Kunama
25. Laotian 26. Latvian 27. Malayalam
28. Malaysian 29. Mandarin 30. Marathi
31. Marwadi 32. Mon 33. Nepali
34. Odissi 35. Oromo 36. Pashto
37. Polish 38. Portugese 39. Russian
40. Spanish 41. Srilankan 42. Swahili
43. Tagalog 44. Tamil 45. Telugu
46. Thai 47. Tigrinya 48. Ukranian
49. Urdu 50.Uzbek 51. Vietnamese




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